1965 Ford Falcon Ranchero Is One Smooth Operator

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1965 Ford Ranchero

The Falcon Ranchero was built as a car-like alternative to trucks. But you’ll only want to put the pedal to the metal in this ’65 beauty.

When the Ford Falcon Ranchero debuted back in 1957, it was somewhat of a revelation. At the time, trucks were still largely viewed as just that: trucks. Their suspensions weren’t made for comfort. They were designed for hauling and towing. So, the idea of building something that drove and handled like a car yet also had a nicely-sized pickup bed was quite genius — to the point where Ford sold over a half million Rancheros, and later, the Fairlane and Falcon Ranchero.

This particular 1965 Falcon Ranchero, which we spotted over at California Cadillac & Collectibles, is the final year Ford built them on the compact platform. It’s also a distant memory from its days of hauling stuff. In fact, it’s much more smooth street machine than box hardware store errand runner. The body lines of later Falcons were quite simply gorgeous to begin with. And in this case, a tasteful two-tone paint job only further accentuates them. You also won’t find any frivolous badging or door handles here to break them up, either.

1965 Ford Ranchero

That same burgundy and light grey theme continues inside, where the look is more 2000s than 1960s. The dash is one smooth metal piece, painted to match. Everything else is trimmed in comfy leather, with a custom look that was obviously completed by a high-end stitch shop.


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