Custom 1968 Ford F-100 Makes Running Errands Into a Tire-Smoking Trip

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Mundane trips to the store are bound to be a lot more fun in this supercharged Ford monster.

In the wrong kind of vehicle, trips to the grocery or drug store are forgettable at best and punishment at worst. In the right vehicle? You’ll forget to get things on purpose just so you can drive it again. Something tells us the 1968 Ford F-100 in this KCs Paint Shop video fits into the latter category for its driver.

The video starts with KC about to enjoy a giant bowl of Luck Charms. Right before he douses it with milk and digs in, his wife clears her throat to remind him he needs to pick up something at the store. He reluctantly heads to the garage and fires up his vintage green 1968 Ford F-100 known as Frankenstein. Once KC is away from the house, he spots a promising road. The stoic look on his face transforms into a smile. He travels down the straight pavement at reasonable speeds, but as soon as he reaches the first bend, he lays into the throttle. The 5.0-liter Ford Racing V8 and Roush supercharger rocket 700 horsepower through the rear wheels, violently breaking their grip on the asphalt. KC tears down the back road, the blower letting out a mechanical shriek the whole way. 1968 Ford F-100

In other curves, KC pulls off full-lock power slides. As the rear rubber burns off, the smoke billows. He eventually gets to the convenience store, where he picks up…tampons. Mission accomplished, he takes a sort of long way home. It’s not straight, it’s not fast, but boy does it look fun. KC uses his rear rubber to scribble black marks all over a large square of pavement.

Soon after he gets home, KC learns he also needs to go out and buy toilet paper. We have a feeling he’s OK with that.

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