Badass Bronco Captures Amazing Footage During NORRA Race

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Classic Ford Bronco ‘Caballo Del Diablo’ dominates Mexican 1000 once again. And now, you can watch it all.

For off-road aficionados, the National Off-Road Racing Association’s (NORRA) ‘Mexican 1000’ is one of the marque events of the year. Tracing its roots all the way back to 1967, the legendary race now encompasses two countries, five days, and 1,369 miles of hardcore off-roading ecstasy. But the coolest thing about the Mexican 1000 is that it isn’t just filled with newfangled, modern trucks. You’ll find plenty of vintage iron too, like this 1968 Ford Bronco dubbed “Caballo Del Diablo.”

Drivers Boyd Jaynes and Brian Godfrey picked up the Ford Bronco already partially modified, but it needed a ton of work to become race-ready. The duo teamed up with Yokohama Tire, Method Race WheelsFox,  RDM Offroad (cage and shock mounts), and Raceco for the remaining fabrication. A mild but reliable 351 Cleveland/C4 combo provides plenty of power.

Ford Bronco

“We split the driving/navigating duties and also do all of the race car prep and logistics for our team,” Jaynes tells Truck Home Enthusiasts. “Our record is the best of any team, with six class wins (Pioneer 4×4).”

“I’ve raced this 1968 Ford Bronco for the last nine years at the NORRA Mexican 1000,” adds Jaynes. “It is a 1,300-plus-mile, five-day off-road race from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas. When we first raced the Bronco, we gave it the Spanish name ‘Caballo Del Diablo,’ which means ‘Horse of the Devil.’ Keeping within the rules of our class, the Bronco is ‘stock,’ meaning we are restricted in what modifications we can make and only use specialized parts in the original configurations as it had rolled off the assembly line in 1968.”

To document this year’s race, Godfrey and Jaynes teamed up with BlackVue, which specializes in dashboard camera systems built for extreme off-road racing environments. And the results are pretty darn impressive. In addition to the high-tech camera, this pair of auto enthusiasts also have a good sense of knowing what aftermarket parts are gonna do the job, and how to perfectly capture the results on film. When they’re not busy tearing up the trails in Baja, Jaynes and Godfrey are involved in the automotive industry, with Godfrey an executive in the aftermarket realm and Jaynes a professional photographer and filmmaker, whose automotive shots are quite spectacular. And the driving duo have already landed quite a few impressive sponsorships, including with industry giants like Yokohama and Fox.

The race took place in April, but the team just recently released this clip, which was certainly worth the wait. And the star of the video, the Ford Bronco racer, isn’t just for show. In the Mexican 1000’s nine-year history, Caballo Del Diablo has become the winningest team in the history of NORRA. And at the April event, Godfrey and Jaynes scored their sixth victory. And they looked pretty darn cool doing it in mariachi outfits, too.

The drivers also shared another Baja clip detailing their gear and just how they managed to capture all of the great, action-packed footage at the Mexican 1000. Check it out below.

Even better, you can relive the entire race over at Method Race Wheel’s Facebook page. There you’ll find all of the footage from this Bronco’s adventures, including highlights and live feeds. And for more shots of the 1968 Ford Bronco, check out Caballo Del Diablo on Twitter. See more of Jayne’s auto photography, including additional Ford vehicleshere.

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