Ford Excursion on 54s is a Mud-slinging Monster

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Someone made the Excursion bigger and badder than it already was.

Back when the Ford Excursion first came out, it got a lot of attention for its massive size. Many people had never seen a vehicle so large. Others complained that not all of its substantial length was able to fit inside a standard house garage. There’s no doubt that it was an enormous SUV, but it was tiny compared to the over-sized creation in this video.

It starts with the camera person zooming into a clearing in the woods. An enormous machine covered in mud tilts and bounces its way through the foliage. A few seconds later, we get a better view of the metal-skinned creature. It’s a Ford Excursion on steroids. According to the title of the footage, it has a set of absolutely monstrous 54-inch tires.

The Excursion has been chewing up the terrain for quite a while, so every block of tread has been filled with mud. Above those massive rollers are giant wheel arch extensions. A grille guard is in place in case the driver wants to, you know, ram a mountain out of the way or something. In the event that they find water deep enough to fit this colossus, there’s also a snorkel.

The Excursion continues to bash through the muck. If it comes to a point where it can’t immediately proceed, it backs up, then charges forward to victory. The entire way, it leaves deep ruts that will dry into a hellish landscape for future SUVs to traverse. As the Excursion goes further down the muddy path, onlookers emerge from the trees to marvel at what they’re witnessing and capture the carnage on their phones. The sonic void left by their silent awe is filled in by the Excursion, which sounds like a pained dinosaur trudging through a wasteland of its previous creation and eventual domination.

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