Ford’s Hottest Products are More Popular than Ever

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Ford may be killing off many of its cars, but the vehicles that the Blue Oval is keeping are doing exceptionally well.

Ford made news recently when they announced that they were going to discontinue some of their cars in favor of more SUV and truck production. Last month’s sales figures demonstrate why the Blue Oval made such a rash decision.

Even though those cars are currently still available, sales last month were excellent for F-Series, Expedition, and Mustang. Then again, the solid Expedition sales are expected, as it went from being not very competitive to being best in class. We’re all here on this site because we’re fans of the F-Series. Plus, who doesn’t love the Mustang?

These consistently strong sellers are the vehicles Ford is spending the most money on, and the ones that they want to keep around. The quality of the interiors, for example, in the F-150 and Expedition are the best.

As a result of the additional investment, expect to see these vehicles updated quicker than ever before. F-150 shares a common cab configuration with Super Duty, meaning changes to one truck are easily implemented on the other. Even though both trucks were updated recently, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were updated again around the 2020 to 2021 timeframe.

A new Shelby GT500 is coming, and once that car is launched it’ll be close to the timeframe to update the regular Mustangs again. While sports car sales aren’t in the same league as truck sales, the Mustang is sold globally, and the Europeans love the car.

A new, rear-wheel drive Explorer is likely coming soon, too.

As long as the sales numbers stay strong on these products, which is something we’d bet on, we’ll keep getting fresh and updated products that will continue to be best-in-class.

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Truck Home Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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