New Bronco will Be Everything We’ve Hoped For…and More

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The Bronco team is full of enthusiasts, and they’re not going to get this wrong.

The new Bronco is going to be good, probably even be better than we expect. Think more the classic Bronco and less a watered-down Everest. Why? Because the other Ford vehicles we love are getting better and better.

Ford’s current off-road beast, the lovable F-150 Raptor, receives some impressive new updates for the 2019 model year. The biggest change comes in the form of new shocks from Fox Racing. Fox Racing makes some of the best products on the market, and they work closely with Ford Performance to integrate their product with the Raptor. And engineers working hand-in-hand is certainly a good thing.

This new suspension is adjustable by on-board computer, improving ride dynamics on the road and making the truck easier to control after it spends a stint flying — literally — through the air.

Was it necessary to update the Raptor’s hardware? No. Fox Racing does use a new color scheme on their products, so a change was expected. But they could’ve replaced the current dampers with new ones that function the same. They didn’t. They made it better.

There’s literally no competition in the Raptor’s segment. There’s no reason for Ford to push ahead with making the Raptor better. Competition breeds faster updates and better products, but Ford is moving ahead without that competition. That’s dedication.


Competition breeds faster updates & better products, but Ford is moving ahead without that competition. That’s dedication.


Ford is going to put the same enthusiast-level commitment into the Bronco. The folks working on the Bronco team are enthusiasts. They know what they’re working on and the importance of getting it right. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll fail.

Additionally, Ford has created a stepping stone in between the Escape and the Bronco. The unnamed soft-roader that they introduced during their Ford Uncovered event will be comfortable and capable and fills the void that’ll exist after the Bronco hits the market. It allows Ford to go all-in on Bronco being a proper off-road vehicle.

The Bronco won’t appear until calendar year 2020, so there is a way to go yet before you’ll get a chance to drive and purchase one. But when you can, it’ll be epic.

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Truck Home Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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