Ranger Believes it Can Fly: Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama Geolandar M/T G003 Tire

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High-riding Ranger tackles the mud then flies like a bird!

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video comes to us from the CarWarz YouTube channel and it features a Ford Ranger showing off at Michigan’s Cork Road Fall Mud Bog. It might not dig through the deep mud as well as some other trucks, but it flies remarkably well for a big off-road machine.

One Flyin’ Mudder

The video doesn’t include any details on this green Ford Ranger, but it is apparently named “Airhead” and it is clearly modified in just about every way. Early in the video, before the truck is coated in mud, we can see that the roaring V8 engine is surrounded in a box that keeps the mud out, presumably relying on a rear-mounted cooling system to keep temperatures down.

Green Ranger Mega Mud Truck Front

We can also see that this Ranger doesn’t appear to have much of the original chassis remaining, with an elaborate tube chassis filling the area under the body and between the wheels. Although the front end bodywork is gone, the Ford Ranger appears to have a modified version of the stock extended cab and bed.

Most importantly, this mid-sized Ford pickup has a high-performance suspension setup and a set of gigantic mud tires, which work together with the custom chassis to create an insane mud truck that takes jumps like a monster truck.

Attacking the Pit

During the course of this 98-second video, we get to watch the green Ranger dig through the thick, deep mud and at times, the mid-sized Ford truck has to work to get out of the deeper spots.

Ranger Mega Mud Truck Flies

However, when it gets a run at a large hill that serves as a perfect jump, this truck really struts its stuff. The Ranger literally soars through the air and lands with confidence, showing exactly why it’s called the “Airhead.”

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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