Restored 1962 Ford F-100 is the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift

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Four brothers took their dad’s old Ford farm truck and secretly overhauled it for him.

Typical Father’s Day gifts include cologne, ties, and coffee mugs. Those are nice and useful presents to get for dad, but the Father’s Day gift you see here is on a completely different level. This lovingly-restored Ford truck didn’t come in a box with complimentary gift wrapping from a website. It had to be destroyed and then rebuilt just in time for one father’s big day.

The Ford F-100 in the video has been in the same family since it was brand new all the way back in 1962. After decades of use as a farm truck, it stopped running and was left to sit and decay. It spent the next 20 years stationary while time kept marching on, trampling the body and leaving rust footprints behind. The tires dry-rotted. Inside, the holes in the interior gradually filled with dirt and dust. The F-100 had been forgotten. 1962 Ford F-100 Farm Truck Restoration

Luckily for it, the patriarch who used to drive it hadn’t been. His four sons yanked the truck from its above-ground crypt in the fall of 2015 and took it to one of their shops to begin restoring it to its former glory. Over the next 18 months, they “disassembled, patched, straightened, repaired, buffed, painted, and reassembled” the F-100, according to their proud father. The physical signs of driving lessons and deer hunts may have been polished out or painted over, but the memories of them with their father are what drove the men to put in all of that wrench time and elbow grease.

The end result of their labor of love is a rolling example of time well spent. The white paint is fresh and pristine. The chrome gleams. Under the hood, the engine looks more than capable of going another 50-plus years. Inside, the red and white dash is a throwback to a bygone era. You could say the entire truck is one giant homage to the past. We call it a gift the father of four loving sons will never forget for the rest of his life.

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