Dana 60 Conversion for F250 years 1986-1996

  Dana 50 IFS stock F-250       Dana 60 Front in F-250       The ‘donated’ Dana 60 out for a cleaning.                                                             […] More »

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Ford 10.25 Full Float Axle Rear Disk Brake and Rebuild

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the rear end rebuild except the above one showing the rear disk brakes.  The rebuild of the axle included new gears (4.56) and a Detroit locker.  Gear setup is made a little easier because the shims to setup the backlash are installed outside the bearings, between the bearings […] More »

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Installing Dual Carburetors

By Thomas Teixeira. His web site can be found at http://world.std.com/~tjt/Cars.html Pretty much all the books on flatheads don’t recommend more than dual carburetors for street use, and many of the newer books recommend putting on a four barrel carburetor instead of two carburetors. At the same time, two, three or more carburetors were the […] More »

  Comments | By - July 26, 2002

Installing A 1978 F150 Straight Axle On A 1995 F150

Originally Posted By Daren Woods Hi my name is Daren and I have always loved fords. I was born and raised with them on our home farm. Well in 1995 I bought my new truck that is a 1995 ford F-150 Extended Cab 4×4. I really love this truck so in 1997 I put a […] More »

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Dana 60 Rebuild

  A shot of the shop showing the front diff up on the work stands with my ‘custom’ cut 2×4 :), cut with the diameter of the axle tube housing to better secure it on the stands when working.  Can also see rear diff partially assembled on ground.   A shot of the table after […] More »

  Comments | By - June 17, 2002

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