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  1. Current Email Address. You must maintain a current email address within your THE User Account. If for any reason an Administrator is unable to contact you due to returned emails, your THE account may be suspended or removed until you contact our support team.
  2. Personal Conduct Post language and material suitable for the home or office. Do not post foul language, racial epithets or sexually explicit content in any form. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Posting for the purpose of gaining access to additional features of the site is not allowed.
  3. Signatures Please do not post overly large or obnoxious signatures. Users are here to read the content, not to be annoyed by your signature. Do not use your signature to post “for sale” items and links to “for sale” items or THE Classified ads. Using your signature to post political slogans, sexual, racial or religious content is not allowed.
  4. No Advertising. Ads, solicitations or other commercial content are not allowed . Site sponsors are encouraged to respond to questions about their products.
  5. Vendor Promoting. Recommendations of vendors by users is encouraged, but excessive promotion of vendors (cheer leading) will be viewed as advertising. Please make sure your participation on THE is more than just promoting or advertising for a vendor or product.
  6. Personal Items For Sale For Sale items are not allowed in the automotive and general discussion forums of THE. This includes placing ads or links to ads in your signature. We have a Classifieds section that you can list your items in. Want ads are allowed in the forums so long as you post a follow-up when you find the part(s). Vehicle value discussions are permitted, however, if we find it turning into a for sale thread, the thread will be removed. The only exception to this guideline is the Chapter Forums. There is a specific thread in each Chapter Forum, for Chapter Members only, that is intended for local for sale items.
  7. Copyright Materials. You may not post any copyrighted material that you do not have rights to. Please link to external articles rather than post them in the forums.
  8. Legal Actions.

    • You may not use this site to discuss or organize any legal action including, but not limited to, class-actions. THE does not give legal advice or host legal discussion. If you have any legal questions or concerns, please consult your attorney.
    • You may not create posts or threads which discuss or request by-passing payment of online services including, but not limited to, Carfax reports.
  9. Issues with Moderation and Site Policy. If a situation arises in which you have a problem or conflict with the Moderation Team of THE or THE Site Policy, please contact an Administrator through email or private messaging systems rather than in open forum.